Business Hours


How It Works 

So, you have decided to visit the Northern Lights.  Good choice.  We can’t wait to see you.  The following information will help you have the best experience that will make you want to come back again and again.
In Summary:
  * Purchase Admission, food, and beverage at counter.
  * Go into theatre when it is ready for seating.
  * Enjoy your movie.  
  * We'll deliver your food to you when it's ready.


To get in, you’ll need pay admission just like any theater.  In some ways, we are just like many other theaters.  In some ways we are not.  Bring your ID after 6:15pm.  We sell alcohol so we have to check ID like any place that sells beer and wine.  Image

Get your tickets at the food counter while placing your order or just pick up some popcorn, candy and/or pop if you wish (it is not required to purchase any food/beverage, you may always come for just the movie if you wish). Order any alcoholic beverages you may want for refreshment along-side your movie ticket and food choice. View our full menu online before you come. Our food is already getting raving reviews.  Having a good idea of what you want will help us make sure the lines move fast and you make the best choice.  Yes, we do make everything to order so if you don’t want onions (or your date doesn’t want you to have onions) on your nachos, just let us know.