After a year or more of learning remotely, schools across the US will soon be once again filled with teachers and students. Of course, educators and students will in many cases be learning under new safety guidelines. This leaves the question: should your child wear a mask to school?

The answer is, of course. Everyone braving the outside world should properly mask up. This goes double for people who will be in tight spaces, like say, public schools. Of course, when it comes to buying masks for children, things get even more complicated.

While children can wear standard-size surgical masks, these masks are not made with children in mind. After all, before COVID-19 there weren't many child surgeons or coal miners.

Children can wear standard-size surgical masks, but only after they tighten the straps around their ear to ensure that there aren't points of leakage around the mask. Wearing a surgical mask normally may expose them to germs and viruses. After all, surgical masks only work when worn correctly.

Luckily, Armbrust USA, a TX based mask manufacturer is making it easier for kids to mask up as they go back to school. Armbrust USA makes child-size surgical masks, built with smaller heads in mind. There are no extra steps involved with putting these on properly, because they were built from the ground up with kids in mind.

Kids simply put on the mask and enjoy the same defense against germs and viruses that adults enjoy. They're even available in three stylish colors to satisfy even the pickiest kids and teens.

Best of all, they are available in boxes of 50, 200, 500, and even 2000, for educators looking to provide excellent COVID-19 defense for their students.

For more information on child-sized masks or to order some for your kids or students, visit Armbrust USA.