HealthTipTHE WEERbyVic's FamilyPharmacyD-MANNOSE FORURINARY TRACTHEALTHD-Mannose is a special typeof sugar referred to as aGlyconutrient. Glyconutrientsare a class of sugars thatare health-promoting. AfterD-Mannose is ingested it isabsorbed unchanged in the Gltract and then rapidly excreted inthe urine without affecting bloodsugar regulation. Once D-Mannoseis in the urine it helps to supporta normal environment within thebladder by maintaining a healthymucosal lining. A healthy bladderlining promotes proper flushingof foreign particles,like bacteria.D-Mannose is the active ingredientin Cranberries but in the pure form.Ask one of our pharmacists aboutD-Mannose and urinary tracthealth. Available at both stores.VIC'Sfamily pharmacyYour Prescription Co-Pay is the samewherever you go.Why not get the local, knowledgeableservice you deserve? Even FREE delivery!29 Years in Businesswww.VICSFAMILYRX.COM2th AVENUE DALLAN WOODS1513 12ih Ave. Rd, 118 S. Midland Blvd.,Nampo, ID 83686 Nampo, ldaho 83686HOURS: 9-6 MF HOURS: 96 MF9Noon SAT1-4 SAT.el 467000el:442-1000

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Health Tip THE WEER by Vic's Family Pharmacy D-MANNOSE FOR URINARY TRACT HEALTH D-Mannose is a special type of sugar referred to as a Glyconutrient. Glyconutrients are a class of sugars that are health-promoting. After D-Mannose is ingested it is absorbed unchanged in the Gl tract and then rapidly excreted in the urine without affecting blood sugar regulation. Once D-Mannose is in the urine it helps to support a normal environment within the bladder by maintaining a healthy mucosal lining. A healthy bladder lining promotes proper flushing of foreign particles,like bacteria. D-Mannose is the active ingredient in Cranberries but in the pure form. Ask one of our pharmacists about D-Mannose and urinary tract health. Available at both stores. VIC'S family pharmacy Your Prescription Co-Pay is the same wherever you go. Why not get the local, knowledgeable service you deserve? Even FREE delivery! 29 Years in Business www.VICSFAMILYRX.COM 2th AVENUE DALLAN WOODS 1513 12ih Ave. Rd, 118 S. Midland Blvd., Nampo, ID 83686 Nampo, ldaho 83686 HOURS: 9-6 MF HOURS: 96 MF 9Noon SAT 1-4 SAT. el 467000el:442-1000