ealtlTipOF THE WEEKbyVic's FamilyPharmacyMAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTSTO LOWER BLOOD PRESSUREThe American Heart Associationrecently reported on a study of2028 patients over three monthsshowing overall reductionsin systolic BP of 2 mm Hg anddiastolic BP of 1.78 mm Hg.With the new standards releasedthis week on Blood Pressuremanagement, supplementingMagnesium daily may assistin our goals to regulate bloodpressure. Magnesium is the 4thmost abundant mineral in thebody and is necessary for bloodvessel relaxation, blood sugarmodulation and many importantenzyme functions. I have alwaysrecommended MagneslumGlycinate for notable reasons.Mag Glycinate does not crampthe bowels and has excellentabsorption. Consider magnesiumsupplements when challengedwith high blood pressure.VIC'Sfamily pharmacyYour Prescription Co-Pay is the samewherever you go.Why not get the local, knowledgeableservice you deserve? Even FREE delivery!29 Years in Businesswww.VICSFAMILYRX.COM2th AVENUE DALLAN WOODS513 12th Ave. Rd,118 S. Midland Blvd.,Nampo, ID 83686 Nampo, ldaho 83686HOURS: 9-6 MF HOURS: 96 MF e9Noon SAT14 SATel 467000el:442-1000

Date: November 18, 2017

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ealtl Tip OF THE WEEK by Vic's Family Pharmacy MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENTS TO LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE The American Heart Association recently reported on a study of 2028 patients over three months showing overall reductions in systolic BP of 2 mm Hg and diastolic BP of 1.78 mm Hg. With the new standards released this week on Blood Pressure management, supplementing Magnesium daily may assist in our goals to regulate blood pressure. Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in the body and is necessary for blood vessel relaxation, blood sugar modulation and many important enzyme functions. I have always recommended Magneslum Glycinate for notable reasons. Mag Glycinate does not cramp the bowels and has excellent absorption. Consider magnesium supplements when challenged with high blood pressure. VIC'S family pharmacy Your Prescription Co-Pay is the same wherever you go. Why not get the local, knowledgeable service you deserve? Even FREE delivery! 29 Years in Business www.VICSFAMILYRX.COM 2th AVENUE DALLAN WOODS 513 12th Ave. Rd,118 S. Midland Blvd., Nampo, ID 83686 Nampo, ldaho 83686 HOURS: 9-6 MF HOURS: 96 MF e 9Noon SAT 14 SAT el 467000el:442-1000